"Serenity Starr" was my first art doll. She came with a little poem...

"Serenity Starr”

Serenity Starr has traveled far
From here to there, through Heaven, and air
To bring to darkness a golden light
She soars alone, all through the night
No one knows why she’s sad and blue,
But maybe- she has too much to do!
And it’s true, Serenity flies alone
Until new friends do call her home.

Original Poem Copyright 2005 MIKO

She was part of a series of angels, including "Cottontail Charlotte", who also came with her own poem:

"Cottontail Charlotte"

Charlotte sings a song that only rabbits hear.
When she lifts her voice, they always gather near.
The joy she brings makes them hop and dance,
Until they've all become entranced.
That's how she shares the things she knows,
Where the sun sets, and how the wind blows.
It’s only the rabbits who learn these things,
And they learn them all from the song she sings.

Original Poem Copyright 2005 Elizabeth Ruffing

There was also "Robin" and her poem:


When the days start becoming long,
And the skies turn from gray to blue,
Robin sings her springtime song,
And life begins to start anew.
She calls her friends from whence they've flown,
And says it's time to fly back home.

Original Poem Copyright 2006 Elizabeth Ruffing

There was also "April May", with her bouquet of spring flowers, and "Rosetta", with her bouquet of hearts:

"April May"

April lets the flowers know
When it’s time to start to grow.
She wakes them from their winter beds,
And nudges them to raise their heads.
She whispers softly in their ears,
“The snow is gone and spring is near.”

Original Poem Copyright 2006 Elizabeth Ruffing


Rosetta tends her fields with care,
For only seeds of love grow there.
She keeps them safe from wind and frost,
Protecting them at any cost.
She knows that love is pure and rare.
She knows it’s needed everywhere.

Original Poem Copyright 2006 Elizabeth Ruffing

I started getting a little tired with my poetry attempts ;) I then started experimenting with more three dimensional dolls. Here are some of my art doll and pattern designs experiments in various stages.

I didn't like these feet and made this doll new legs later. She became "Clara", and the star-headed doll to the right became "Leah the Star Baby".

(This entry is copied from our former "In Progress" page and is back dated.)

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