"Horatio and Hannah" OOAK One-of-a-kind Original Flying Pig Art Dolls by Max Bailey

When I was little, I came up with all kinds of grand schemes, fantastic feats I would accomplish very soon. My dad, with a twinkle in his eye, would always say the same three words: “When pigs fly.” To me, that meant that if I could just find a flying pig, then anything would be possible. I looked for one, but haven’t found one yet.

And so I created Horatio, the ultimate flying pig, with grand and spectacular butterfly wings. As he looks toward the sky, he explains to his little daughter Hannah that some day her tiny wings will grow to majestic size, and if she watches her waistline just a little bit, she too will be able to soar way above the treetops.

Little Hannah is both curious and trusting, as you can see in her soft brown eyes. She’s made from fabric, stuffed, then painted with acrylics. Her snout and double chin are sculpted from paper clay that has been blended into the fabric. She’s 5 inches long, and her wingspan is 3 inches.

Horatio is 17 inches tall, and his wingspan is 10 inches. His black and white piggy head is an original sculpture I created from paper mache and paper clay, with fabric ears. Her shirt is orchid, scalloped at the bottom, and her baby pants are blue. She wears bright yellow booties with blue ribbons.
His body is cotton fabric, stuffed then painted with acrylic paints. Horatio’s arms are button-jointed for flexibility, and his body is bottom-weighted with pellets inside, so that he will sit very nicely wherever you put him.

He sports a collar with a snappy red-orange bow tie, and custom made pants that are painted with brown and blue vertical stripes (for that “slimming” effect), with an opening for his curly tail.

Pigs do need boots, and Horatio wears nice brown lace-up ones, painted on.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers. Red ones with white polka dots, also painted on.

Both Horatio and Hannah are sealed with matte varnish for protection. They are meant for display only.

"Horatio and Hannah" have their own web page right here.
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"Rosie" OOAK One-of-a-kind Original Art Doll by Max Bailey

Every year on Valentine’s Day, Rosie is invited to sell her roses at the general store in the middle of town. She’s a country girl, tall and slim and pretty, with strawberry blonde hair, who arrives in a homespun blue dress, a colorful heart apron, and a fashionable hat with a rose.

Rosie has the most beautiful roses ever seen anywhere, and nobody knows how she grows them. People whisper that she must have a secret garden.
Only gentlemen with true love in their hearts dare come to Rosie to buy her roses, for it is generally known that she can look into their hearts and see if there is love there. It is rumored that if she doesn’t see love in a gentleman’s heart, she will look at him with her clear blue eyes and say, “I am sorry sir, but you may not have my roses.” Yet if a sincere gentleman with empty pockets would like to buy her roses for his sweetheart, she will most often say “Sir, you may have them for nothing.”
Rosie is an original one-of-a-kind work of art, conceived and created from design to last brushstroke by me, Max Bailey. She is 15 inches tall, and carries red ribbon roses with green ribbon leaves, which I made just for her. (The secret garden is in my work room.) Her body is sewn from cotton fabric, then stuffed and painted with acrylic paints. She has needle-sculpted fingers and button-jointed arms to make her easy to pose. Her skirt is hand-painted blue gray, with decorative stripes of pink and gold.

Her hat is removable and hand-painted as well, with a little pink stripe along the edge of the brim that matches her pink tights and the pink stripes on her collar and cuffs. Although you can’t see it in the photos, I used the same pink to paint the ribbon on her pretty white pantaloons, which are painted on. Her fashionable high-button shoes are painted to match her outfit, and I added festive red hearts at the toes.
Rosie can sit in a chair or on a shelf, or stand with a doll stand (chair and doll stand not included). She is signed and dated, and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.
Rosie has her own web page right here.
(This entry is copied from our former "In Progress" page and is back dated.)