Iris, Pansy, and Rose Floral Giclée Art Prints in Elizabeth Ruffing's Etsy Shop

I've added four of our floral giclée art prints to my Etsy shop. Each one is 3.5 by 5 inches image size on 6 x 8 inch fine art paper. I chose a standard size 6 by 8 inch paper size to expand framing options, as these will fit in either a standard 5 x 7 inch or a standard 6 x 8 inch size mat and frame set, with a white border showing.

Each giclée has a decorative floral border surrounding the central image. Above is "Pansies".

"Purple and White Iris"

"Peach Iris"

Please visit my shop and have a look.

The original watercolor paintings are also available for sale on our Ruffing's site.

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A E Ruffing's New Etsy Shop

Watercolor Art by A E Ruffing, A E Ruffing's new Etsy shop is now open. Her cat and dog fine art giclées from the Ruffing's site are now available in her Etsy shop as well, to add an extra ordering option.
This is "Ragdoll and Pansies", a ragdoll cat fine art giclée print.
And this is "A Friendly Face", a Pembroke Welsh Corgi fine art giclée print. Both are based on A E Ruffing's original watercolor paintings, and both are currently for sale in A E Ruffing's Etsy shop.
We will be adding more giclées from our line soon. Please visit and have a look around.
I will be adding buttons linking to Etsy on our giclée description pages to make navigating more easy very soon.

Elizabeth Ruffing's New Etsy Shop

Elizabeth Ruffing's new Etsy shop is now open. I've stocked it with many of my fine art giclées and a couple of original art quilts as well. I'm planning on making the giclées on the Ruffing's site available on Etsy, to add an extra ordering option. I'll be updating the Ruffing's site to include buttons that link to Etsy on each giclée description page.
This is a giclée of my original watercolor painting, "The Rabbit Dances".
This is a one-of-a-kind original art quilt wall hanging of hand-dyed batiks framing a canvas print of my original watercolor, "Valentine", which shows a pale pink iris on a muted magenta, art nouveau-inspired wallpaper background.

These, and other works of art are currently available in my Etsy shop. Please visit and have a look around. I'll be adding more works of art on a regular basis.


Welcome to Ruffing's new blog

This blog is meant to continue where our "In Progress" page left off. I've switched to a blog format to allow for greater ease in keeping everyone updated on our most recent paintings, giclées, art quilts, and art dolls.
I've also been working on a new web site, The Art of Elizabeth Ruffing. It features links to our Ebay Store, my Etsy Shop, my photo portfolio, and my personal blog which offers a behind-the-scenes look at my studio and my latest creations. Please visit and have a look around!



OOAK One-of-a-kind Original Iris and Pansy Floral Art Quilts by Elizabeth Ruffing

These are two new art quilts that I made using 100% cotton batik fabric and cotton batting. In the center of each one is a canvas print of one of my paintings.

This one is "Valentine", a pale pink iris on a muted magenta William Morris-inspired, art nouveau design.

There is a cotton sleeve on the back of each quilt with a matching, hand-painted wooden rod inserted inside for hanging. A matching ribbon is inserted inside the sleeve with the wooden rod.

I used a free-motion stippling effect with my machine stitching to quilt the wallhangings. This wallhanging is approximately 11 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches.

This art quilt features a canvas print of "Pansies" with a decorative border around the image.

It has the same stippling stitching and a sleeve with matching hand-painted wooden rod and ribbon for hanging.
The edges are finished with a cotton batik binding.

This quilted wallhanging is approximately 11 x 12 1/2 inches.
Both are available in my Etsy shop.
(This entry is copied from our former "In Progress" page and is back dated.)



"Lila Lovebunny" Original Rabbit Folk Art Doll by Max Bailey

Lila Lovebunny loves pink. She also loves Valentine’s Day, Easter, carrots, clover, and bright sunny days. Most of all, she loves love.

Lila is thought to be the prettiest bunny in the meadow. She has a special beauty, elegance, and dignity unmatched by any of the other lady bunnies, who love her just the same. Every year, the president of the white chocolate factory in town asks her to pose for his spring line of Easter bunnies, and every year, she is most happy to oblige. She always looks straight ahead at the world around her, and the world admiringly looks back.

Today, Lila is all aglow with the fact that she’s wearing her favorite pink dress, and the fact that she baked heart-shaped and frosted carrot cookies, no small task for a bunny. She carries them in a picnic basket, and offers one to each of her many friends. The gentlemen bunnies stand upright in the field when they see her approaching, and their bunny hearts beat a little faster. “It’s lovely Lila Lovebunny”, they whisper to themselves, in awe of her sweetness.

I think Lila is my most beautiful work to date, and she is certainly the largest, at 21 inches tall. She became more endearing in the process of creating her. I started with her head, an original sculpture I made from paper clay. At the point when I painted her pretty blue eyes, she seemed to take on a sweet personality of her own.

I then created the design for her body, which is made from cotton fabric, then stuffed and painted with acrylic paints.

On spring evenings, there are often as many as three or four cottontail rabbits in my backyard. If they notice me watching them, they will sit up with their front paws bent, as Lila’s are, and I wanted to capture that pose. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to create bent paws from sewn fabric and stuffing. They are button-jointed for flexibility.

Ms. Lovebunny’s pretty little tail was made from soft novelty yarn, and her whiskers, made of stiffened pearl cotton, were threaded through her head before the paper clay was dry.

Her Sunday best dress is my original design, and is made from pink cotton fabric. I painted the heart-and-flower design down the front and around the hem, in tones of mauve, red, periwinkle blue, and green. Her fashionable (but not exactly dainty) brown leather shoes, with their white bows and laces, are painted on, as are the striped stockings that match the colors of the design on her dress. The finishing touch was the ruffled collar made from cotton lace, which I think made her look even more feminine and old-fashioned.
Lila’s basket and heart-shaped cookies are made of wood, painted and varnished. Lila can stand with a doll stand, or sit on a chair or a shelf (chair and doll stand not included). She is signed and dated, and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.
Lila Lovebunny has her own web page right here.

This is Lila with some of her friends. From left to right: Bridget and Bluebell, Lila, Horatio and Hannah, and Daphne.
(This entry is copied from our former "In Progress" page and is back dated.)

"Suzie the Sunflower Fairy" Original Folk Art Doll by Max Bailey and Elizabeth Ruffing

Here is Suzie, a cheerful little soul created to remind us all on dreary winter days, that spring is on its way. Suzie loves her job as Sunflower Fairy. When the earth is warming, she calls upon the sun to bring new life. Like magic, the little seeds that lay dormant in the cold of winter emerge as seedlings from the ground. With her sunflower wand, she touches them and gives them the strength they need to become tall and majestic. She watches over them, and loves their sunny friendly faces.

In the fall, when the birds and squirrels and chipmunks have had their fill of the sunflowers’ seeds, she takes the seeds that are left behind and gently tucks them into the earth, where they will emerge again next year.

Suzie is an original one-of-a-kind work of art, created in collaboration by Max Bailey and Elizabeth Ruffing. She is 12 ½ inches tall, with a wingspan of 5 ¾ inches. Her body is sewn from cotton fabric, then stuffed and painted with acrylic paints. She has warm brown eyes, and brown hair streaked with gold from the summer sun. Her hair is sculpted from paper clay blended into the fabric.
Elizabeth made Suzie’s skirt from a pretty yellow cotton print with rose hearts and green leaves, and Max painted the top of her dress with matching hearts and leaves.

She wears little brown shoes with buttoned ankle straps, decorated with sunflowers. Her green tights are painted on, as are her ruffled white bloomers with rose ribbons. Her wings are quilted and painted in a multitude of fairy-like colors, from pastels to bright greens and yellows. The sunflower wand she carries was created from wood and paper clay, and it is removable, should you need to borrow it to make your sunflowers grow.
There is a small loop in the top of Suzie’s head, in case you would like to hang her up. Suzie can also sit on a chair, or on a shelf, or stand with a doll stand (chair and doll stand not included). She is signed and dated, and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.
(This entry is copied from our former "In Progress" page and is back dated.)