"Daphne" New Tabby Cat Original Folk Art Doll by Max Bailey

This is sweet Daphne, my new tabby cat original art doll. She has a look of complete innocence, with her big trusting yellow-green eyes.

I've made a brightly colored orange, gold, purple, rose, and magenta striped pinafore for her, with two buttons on the front. She has lots of little details you can't see here, like her ivory high button shoes and her fish bracelet.
Daphne is an original work of art, designed and entirely handmade by me, Max Bailey. Her body is sewn from 100% cotton fabric. Her face is sculpted from paperclay, and she is painted with acrylic paint which is sealed with matte varnish for protection.

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Here she is....Bluebell the Siamese Mom!

We just managed to get Bluebell and her lovely daughter, Bridget photographed before we got a thunderstorm! I'm just crazy about this set of original art dolls! As I've said, I love Siamese cats, and to make sure I gave her that Siamese profile, I modeled the front of Bluebell’s face from paperclay, then smoothed it into the 100% cotton fabric I used for her body.

Using acrylic paint, I painted her starched white collar, prim pearl buttons, and fashionable two-tone, top-stitched high-button shoes. From her bright white bloomers emerge kitty legs in striped blue and burnt orange tights that match the sleeves of her dress. Bluebell’s dress has a bluebell flower on the chest pocket, and a fringed pocket on the skirt that matches the fringe at her hemline.

Lovable Bridget is highly detailed too...right down to her tiny whiskers.

Please click here to visit Bluebell and Bridget's webpage.
Happy Mother's Day!



Sneak Peek at Max Bailey's New Siamese Cat Original Art Doll

Siamese kitty on the way! This is "Bluebell" in progress, and, contrary to what you see here, she is already painted, dressed, ready and waiting for her official photo shoot. And...she has her own Siamese kitten!
I love Siamese cats and I just couldn't wait to show her to you, even in her beginning stage. I am so excited about getting her photographed!


New One-of-a-kind Original Star Baby Art Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

"Sigrid the Star Baby" is making her debut! Sigrid is a newly born star. She is jointed at her shoulders and hips so she can lie down or sit. She is made of 100% cotton which was gessoed, painted with acrylic artists' paint, then sealed with matte varnish for protection...just like I would treat an original painting.

She has an adorable pouting baby face, with one little tear on her cheek.

I am offering a giclée print of "Moon and Star" as well. It makes a lovely companion piece for Sigrid because it goes so nicely with her turquoise and gold onesie. "Moon and Star" is featured on her hang tag.

Please click here to visit Sigrid the Star Baby's webpage.

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