New OOAK Original Kitten Folk Art Doll Figurines and Cards by Max Bailey

This is "Millicent" my new tuxedo kitten. She is planning a snowball ambush on a boy at school. Maybe she likes him, but she isn't telling.

In their one room schoolhouse, Tommy is the boy who sits behind her and teases her all the time. When the teacher isn't looking, he pulls her whiskers, and dips the tip of her tail into his inkwell. Then he calls her "Silly Millie".
Tommy will come around the corner soon. He'll walk right past her like he doesn't even see her. Then WHAP, he'll get a snowball right in the back of his head. Millicent will say "That's for you, Tommy Salami!" The snow will go down his neck, and he'll squeal and run home to his mama.

This is "Crybaby", my latest tabby kitten doll figurine. She is Hungry!!! Her little empty green bowl is ready to be filled! Now!
She cries when she’s too hot. She cries when she’s too cold. She cries when her mother leaves the room, and she cries when her mother comes back. She cries when her bowl is empty, and sometimes she cries when it’s full. No one ever asks “Where’s Crybaby?” They know where she is.

Please click here to visit Millicent's webpage. Please click here to visit Crybaby's webpage. Please click here to visit our online doll gallery.

We also have a set of handmade blank greeting cards featuring images of my folk art cat dolls, including Millicent, Crybaby, and Frannie the tabby cat, up for auction on eBay too. The auction lasts until next Wednesday, December 5th.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


Art Nouveau-inspired Floral Prints by Elizabeth Ruffing

Here is a whole garden of iris, and some white roses. I adore iris and have a big bed of them out my back door, in a huge variety of colors. I also love Art Nouveau and William Morris' designs. With these paintings, I was exploring doing my own repeat patterns in that vein.

These are all available as mini giclée prints in my Etsy shop or on our Ruffing's website, all on 8.5 x 11 inch archival-quality, 100% cotton, 300 gsm weight fine art paper. They are printed with archival-quality, Epson UltraChrome pigment-based ink for longevity. Each print is signed below the image in pencil.

They are currently $22.00 plus postage, and they can be ordered through Etsy, through our website, or by emailing us at Ruffing's. Some are also available in print sets of two or three giclées. They can be found by clicking on the highlighted titles beneath these photos, and scrolling down the individual print webpages. Please visit!


New Original Folk Art Doll Greeting Cards by Max Bailey

We've made up a few sets of handmade greeting cards featuring images of my one-of-a-kind art dolls. The images are printed on archival-quality art paper and glued, using acid-free glue, to acid-free ivory-colored cards, that are blank inside. They are printed with archival-quality pigment-based ink, and so they are suitable for saving and framing.

The cards are 5 by 6 1/2 inches and they come with matching ivory envelopes. Each card is individually bagged for protection. They make a nice gift for cat lovers and for art doll lovers.

We will be putting these greeting cards up for auction on eBay in sets of four. Please go check out our eBay store for our art doll listings as well. We will be putting some of our dolls up at Buy It Now prices in our store for the holiday season. Currently, "Frannie" and "Leah the Star Baby" are available for adoption in our eBay store. Other one-of-a-kind art dolls are available through our web site. Please check our art doll gallery page to see our currently available dolls, and email us with any inquiries. We have more on the way that are waiting to be photographed and we are a little behind updating our web site...So, please feel free to inquire if you hear one of our dolls calling your name :)


"Frannie" New Tabby Cat Original Folk Art Doll Figurine by Max Bailey

"What if I let go of my beautiful red balloon?" thought Frannie, the pretty little tabby cat. "The wind will take it up into the blue sky where it will soar above the puffy white clouds. The birds will be amazed at what a wonderful thing it is. People will see it and say, 'Isn’t that Frannie’s beautiful red balloon?' "

"Maybe it will glide over the hill, and when the wind dies down, maybe it will land in a tree in my friend Jessie’s back yard. Maybe Jessie will climb up the tree and get it, and show it to her mother, and her mother will say, 'Oh Jessie, that balloon looks just right with your pretty dress.'"

"No," thought Frannie, "I think I will hold on tight to my beautiful red balloon."

I hand sculpted Frannie and her balloon from paperclay. There is a little hole through her paw where the wire ‘string’ of the balloon can be inserted or removed. Her skirt swirls behind her as though a gentle wind is blowing. She stands firmly on a turned wooden base that is stained and sealed in golden oak. Frannie is 9 ½ inches tall, and 13 inches tall when holding her balloon.
Frannie’s old fashioned dress is soft gold, with little white daisies in a field of red polka dots. Her dress is set off by a red apron with a white scalloped edge tied in a big bow at the back. Her striped kitty tail emerges from the ruffled white petticoats that can be seen below her dress.
Frannie’s fur is painted in a multitude of tabby colors….silver gray, buff, ivory, and gold, with black stripes. She has yellow eyes with a touch of green, a pink nose, and pretty white whiskers made from stiffened cotton thread.
Frannie is an original one-of-a-kind work of art. No molds are ever used in my work. She is hand painted using acrylic paints, and is signed, dated, and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.

Handmade Winter-themed Holiday Cards by Elizabeth Ruffing

I've just put together a few sets of blank cards for the holidays this year, that I might also do as mini prints. Above is "The Rabbit Dances".

This is "Snowy Night".

I attached the images to acid-free ivory card stock using acid-free glue to make cards that are 5 by 6 1/2 inches. They are blank inside, and have matching ivory envelopes.

Happy holidays!

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Mini Giclee Cat Art Prints by Elizabeth Ruffing

I've decided to introduce mini versions of my prints. I'm not sure how long I'll offer them, but they are currently available in my Etsy shop, and on our website.

These prints are made from my original acrylic paintings and are printed on nice heavy-weight, 100% cotton art paper, using archival-quality, pigment-based Epson inks. They are signed below the image in pencil, and they each come in a protective cello sleeve.

From top to bottom, they are "The Guardian", "Laurence with Primroses and Daffodils", and "Something Stirring".


Christmas Elf Prints by Max Bailey

The sweet little elf above is dreaming of Christmas, while his chickadee friends keep him company. A big yellow moon is coming up in the night sky behind him. It is called "A Christmas Dream".

In "Final Touches", Santa's helpers are very busy putting the finishing touches on a Christmas ornament. Only the most artistic mice get to be Santa's helpers!

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