"Huggy Kitty", New Original Cat Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

"Huggy Bunny" has a new friend, "Huggy Kitty".

Huggy Kitty has a lavender onesie with burnt orange and white flowers, yellow polka dot buttons, and a red polka dot heart.

She has gold "fur" and a curly tail. She is made from 100% cotton quilting fabrics that have been fused to a layer of cotton sheeting for added durability.

Her eyes and mouth are hand embroidered, and the edges of her onesie, her tail, her nose, and the pink parts of her ears are machine appliquéd.

Huggy Kitty has no loose parts, and she is stuffed with Poly-fil polyester stuffing. She is available for adoption in my Etsy shop. Please go visit her.


"Ginnie", New Original One-of-a-kind Folk Art Ginger Tabby Cat Doll by Max Bailey

Every Saturday morning Tony the Baker takes a batch of freshly baked gingerbread kitties from the oven, and decorates them with colored frosting, currant eyes, and candy buttons. They are his specialty. He sets them on trays and proudly places them on display in the bakery window.

Tony knows that shy little Ginnie, the ginger tabby cat with the sweet face, will stop on the sidewalk to admire them. She always does.

She will look wistfully at the cookies, her head tilted slightly to one side, then sigh softly and continue on her way. Tony will gaze at Ginnie through the window, admiring her beautiful coloring, her amber eyes, and her graceful ways.

Ginnie has two loves in this world so far………the color green, and gingerbread kitties.

On this particular Saturday, Tony the Baker appears suddenly in the doorway, holding two gingerkitty masterpieces he has just made especially for Ginnie.

“I made these for you,” Tony manages to say as he holds them out to her.

“Oh, I couldn’t, Mr. Baker,” Ginnie tells him, and only she knows that she is blushing. “I have to watch my waistline.”

“There could be no harm in a little nibble now and then,” answers Tony. “Here is one for you, and one to give to a friend.”

Ginnie thinks how pleased her friend will be when she gives her the gingerkitty with the green shirt. She takes it and puts it in her pocket, for she is generous of heart. She extends her paw for the other.

“Thank you kindly, Mr. Baker,” she tells him, and holding her gingerkitty somewhat near her heart, Ginnie continues down the sidewalk, glancing back at Tony the Baker only once, or maybe twice.

Ginnie now has three loves in this world so far.

Ginnie’s dress is her favorite color green, with a darker green sash that ties in the back in a very pretty bow, and a stripe of darker green across the pocket and around the hem. Antique white ruffles set off the dress at the neckline and at the bottom of the sleeves. Below her dress, you can see her many petticoats, one white, then each a different shade of green.

I hand sculpted Ginnie (and her cookies) from paperclay, and used stiffened cotton thread for her long graceful whiskers. She is an original one-of-a-kind work of art, meant for display only. No molds are ever used in my work.

Ginnie is completely hand painted with acrylic paints, then signed and dated and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation. She rests firmly on a turned wooden base that is stained and sealed in golden oak, and she stands 9 ½ inches tall.

Please click here to visit Ginnie's webpage.

Please click here to visit our online doll gallery.

Emily Original Folk Art Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

This is "Emily". Emily was inspired by the Izannah Walker dolls of the 1800's, and is named after the poet, Emily Dickinson. I designed both her body pattern and her dress pattern myself, and sewed each in 100% cotton fabric. She has an antique reproduction Jumeau style face that I made using papier mâché. Her hand-sculpted ringlets on either side of her head are made from paperclay .

Emily was gessoed , then detailed with acrylic paint, and sealed with matte varnish for protection. Her blue eyes were hand painted as well.

Emily's fingers are hand quilted and lightly wired to give them a gentle curl, and her arms bend slightly at the elbows. Her arms bend at her shoulders, and her legs bend at her hips and knees.

I made Emily's dress from a tan calico quilter's cotton. It is dotted with little burgundy and navy blue flowers. Her sash ties in the back to make a pretty bow. I sewed two pin tucks at the bottom of her dress and added a big three inch hem to make the skirt stand out nicely.

Her antique-style undergarments are carefully detailed with painted-on lace, pink buttons and a bow. Her shoes are painted on as well, with tiny buttons up their sides.

Please click here to visit Emily's web page.

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Bunny Treasury on Etsy, "Hop in! Bunnies Helping Bunnies"

Special thanks to Michele from Etsy for Animals for adding Max Bailey and myself to her "Hop in! Bunnies Helping Bunnies 2" treasury list on Etsy! Many of the the Etsy for Animals members are helping out the Buckeye House Rabbit Society this month with donations based on their sales from their Etsy shops.

Our prints that are featured above are "Hiding", a little cottontail rabbit with Black-eyed Susans, by A E Ruffing,

and "Proud Mom", a Victorian mama bunny with a carriage-full of baby bunnies by Max Bailey. Both are available in my Etsy shop. 10% of sales (less shipping) from my and my daughter Elizabeth's Etsy shop will be donated to animal charities. So, come have a look around our shops, and the shops of other Etsy for Animals members.

Michele also added my "Yorkie Puppy" to her "Baby Animals Say Happy New Year!" treasury list on Etsy, which features items for sale from Etsy for Animals members. This print is also available in my Etsy shop.

"Huggy Bunny", Original Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

This is my new "Huggy Bunny". He is an original one-of-a-kind doll, created from my own original design and pattern. He is hand signed on his bottom. Huggy Bunny is entirely handmade and is meant to be displayed and loved, and he is sturdy enough to be played with. His body is made of 100% cotton quilting fabrics, which have been fused to an extra layer of cotton sheeting for durability.

His little tail, and the edges of his clothes, and his pink parts are machine stitched with a zig zag over the raw edge appliqué. His ears and joints have been hand quilted. He has no loose or removable parts. He is stuffed with Poly-fil polyester stuffing.
I hand embroidered a coral stitch on his booties. His cute little eyes and mouth are hand embroidered as well.

Huggy Bunny has love to give. Lots. And he's happy to give it. He is a cheerful and agreeable sort.
He is available for adoption in my Etsy shop. Please go visit him. Huggy Bunny is also part of the Etsy for Animals January challenge. 10% of sales (not including shipping) from my Etsy shop and my mom's Etsy shop will be going to animal charities. This month we are hoping to raise some money for The Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in light of their recent emergency need for donations.
Michele from Etsy for Animals added Huggy Bunny to her "Bunnies Helping Bunnies! EFA" treasury list on Etsy, along with my "The Rabbit Dances" greeting cards. Michele also posted Mr Bunny on the Best Friends Network forums, which is part of Best Friends Animal Society, a group that advocates kindness to animals and an end to pet homelessness. The post links to Etsy for Animals members' bunny creations that are also for sale. Many of the members are supporting the Buckeye House Rabbit Society this month. So, check them out too. Thanks, Michele!

"Belinda and BoBo", New Original Folk Art Cat Doll Figurine by Max Bailey

Happy new year! Here is my own version of a new year's baby. This is Belinda and her kitten BoBo. Belinda is a very proud mom, and she loves to show her beautiful baby boy off to all her friends and neighbors.

Belinda is a tabby and white cat, as is her kitten BoBo. They have yellow eyes with a touch of green. Belinda’s old-fashioned dress is soft yellow with a pattern of pale blue flowers. The blue collar and cuffs with lace edging, match her blue apron, which ties in a big bow at the back. Her white petticoats swirl in a pattern beneath the bottom of her skirt.
I hand sculpted Belinda and BoBo from paperclay, and used stiffened cotton thread for their whiskers. They rest firmly on a turned wooden base. They are original one-of-a-kind works of art. No molds are ever used in my work. They are completely hand painted with acrylic paints, then signed and dated with matte varnish for protection and preservation.