"Jazzie" the Siamese Ballerina Kitten, Original One-of-a-kind Art Doll Figurine by Max Bailey

They named her Jasmine, after the sweet smelling flower, but everyone calls her “Jazzie.”

Jazzie is a little kitten with a big dream. Someday, she wants to be a prima ballerina.

She has the jumping thing down, and the leaping thing. Her somersaults are outstanding, and she’s trying to think of a way to work them into her first ballet recital.

The only really disappointing thing to Jazzie is that her little limbs are not yet long enough for her to put her paws together above her head in that graceful ballerina arch. Her ears always get in the way.

Today, Jazzie is twirling around the dining room table.

“Jazzie, you really are very weird,” her brother says, looking up from his violin practice.

Jazzie ignores him. She has just discovered that if she concentrates really hard on trying to catch the tip of her tail in her mouth, she can spin even faster. Depending on where her tail is at the moment, she can spin to the right or spin to the left!

When Jazzie is too dizzy to continue, she stretches out on the floor and watches the ceiling go around. She imagines she can hear the audience loudly applauding. The curtains part for the fourth curtain call. There is Jazzie, the prima ballerina, at center stage, her paws extended high above her ears in that graceful ballerina pose. Bouquets of roses are strewn all about the stage. Jazzie looks down at the orchestra and sees her brother, playing first violin. He looks so proud of his little sister!

"Jazzie" is my new, original, one-of-a-kind art doll, and you can read all about her by clicking here to visit Jazzie's own personal web page. We are working on getting more doll photos and stories up in our online doll gallery...So be sure to come take a peek! There we have our currently available dolls, and some favorites who have already been adopted. I've been giving Elizabeth some sculpting lessons and we'll be unveiling her new kitten doll very soon. Elizabeth is a very gifted artist and doll maker. I'm sure you'll enjoy her new work. Check back soon!



Princess Anna, New Original White Cat Folk Art Doll by Max Bailey

I am pleased to introduce the very royal Princess Anna.

While palace life is really quite nice in many ways, Princess Anna has found that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. She eats the finest kitty food and wears the finest kitty dresses, yet sometimes she longs to sample just a tiny bit of the world outside.

On this particular morning, Princess Anna looks out from her window at the white shapes that dot the distant hillside.
“They can’t be snow,” she thinks aloud, “for winter has come and gone, and the sun has warmed the earth.”
While the palace guards are looking the other way, Princess Anna heads for the hills. She brushes aside the tall grasses that grow in the meadow, and forges ahead. She feels the soft breezes blowing in her hair, and the sun’s rays warming her lovely and determined little face.
She is gone for a long time.
The palace guards are the first to see her return, triumphantly holding a bouquet of white daisies. They smile at each other and pretend not to see her sneaking back through the side entrance of the palace.
“The Princess is happy,” the guards pronounce, and nothing further is said about the matter.
Lovely Princess Anna is as white as the daisies she carries. Her eyes are a soft blue, and her nose is a delicate shade of pink. Anna’s flowered red dress has a gold band around the neckline and sleeves, and is adorned with a deep blue ruffle and matching sash that ties neatly in a bow at the back. Her pale gold petticoats can be seen below her hemline.
I sculpted Princess Anna and her daisy bouquet from paperclay, and used stiffened cotton thread for her royal kitty whiskers.
Our eBay store is on vacation this week in sympathy for the current eBay boycott. We will be posting our dolls, including Princess Anna, on our Ruffing's website. Elizabeth is working on expanding our art doll pages so everyone can visit, take a look at available and already adopted dolls, and read their stories. I welcome you all to please come have a look around.


"Isadora" New Siamese Cat Original Art Doll by Max Bailey

This is Isadora, my pretty Siamese cat one-of-a-kind folk art doll. Isadora is as slender and as elegant and as regal as the long-stemmed roses she loves.

Isadora once heard that if you talk to your plants, they will flourish and grow to be hardy and strong, and so she talked to her roses, in her strange Siamese voice, for hours on end. She thought the roses seemed to lean toward her when she spoke.
“Perhaps if I sing to them, they will become even more beautiful,” she thought.

Out in her backyard rose garden, Isadora sang, loudly and frequently. Neighbors as far as a block away heard her, for her voice was impossible to ignore, and came to see what all the commotion was about. They peeked over the garden fence to see the lovely Isadora gliding through the garden, singing her heart out.

Not one of them had the heart to tell Isadora that her voice might be less than inspiring for the roses, as they could plainly see how sincere and well-meaning she was. They feared the roses might wilt. But as they watched, the roses bent toward her, their buds opened, and fragrance filled the air.

“Now that is truly amazing,” they whispered, in awe.

Within a short time, Isadora was invited to all the neighborhood gardens, where she shared her gift. The neighbors sometimes hid when she sang, so she wouldn’t see them covering their ears. They loved her dearly, and it is said that they had the most exquisite flowers ever to be seen anywhere!
Isadora got adopted very quickly, before I even got to post this blog. But not to worry, Siamese lovers... I'll be working on her Siamese sister soon!