"Ziggy" One-of-a-kind Original Tuxedo Kitten Folk Art Doll by Elizabeth Ruffing

It’s bedtime for Ziggy.

He’s wearing his yellow pajamas, and he’s supposed to be sound asleep. But his bright little eyes are wide open, and he’s ready for another adventure.

When Ziggy’s mother comes into the room, she sees only the white tip of his tail and one yellow foot sticking out from under the bed.
“What are you doing, Ziggy?” she asks, rolling her eyes.
“I’m taking my car for a ride through the tunnel,” answers Ziggy, in muffled tones.
When at last Ziggy has curled up in his bed, he is already making plans for the next day.

“I bet I could take my car for a ride under a waterfall,” he thinks, as he drifts off to sleep.

Ziggy is an original one-of-a-kind work of art, created from my own design and pattern. He is made from 100% cotton fabric which is sewn, stuffed, and completely hand painted with acrylic paints. I sculpted Ziggy’s face from paperclay, which I smoothed into his fabric head. His whiskers are made of painted cotton thread. They were threaded through the paperclay before it dried. No molds were used to create Ziggy.
Ziggy’s curly white-tipped tail supports him very well, so he can sit all by himself on a shelf or a table, or in a cabinet. His arms and legs are button-jointed with decorative metal buttons.
Ziggy’s pastel yellow onesie pajamas are painted on, as are his periwinkle blue collar, cuffs, and buttons. His kitty feet are needle sculpted to give definition to his little kitty toes. He is approximately 5 3/4 inches tall when sitting and about 8 1/4 inches long when stretched out.
Many hours of careful attention went into the making Ziggy. I have been instructed in sculpting by the very talented Max Bailey, my studiomate, who is known for his fine craftsmanship and artistry in creating his amazing and unique animal dolls. I am very thankful to Max for sharing his expertise with me. I hope my dolls will help spread as much good cheer as his do.

Ziggy is up for adoption on our website. Please visit him on his own webpage for more information. Extra photos of him can be found on Flickr. We'll be posting our new dolls in our online doll gallery, which I am still working on expanding to include already adopted dolls and their stories. Please come have a look!