"Patsy" New Original Brown Bear Folk Art Doll by Max Bailey

Patsy once heard a story about a little girl bear named Cinderella, and a little boy bear who was a prince.

She likes to pretend that she's Cinderella, and that her teddy bear is the prince, which, of course, is why she named him "Prince".

Patsy can't remember the details of the story very well, but it seems that Cinderella had a beary godmother who made her a lavender polka dot dress and glass shoes. Then Cinderella went to a big fancy dance at the palace and met the prince.

The prince thought Cinderella was the nicest little bear at the dance, and that she definitely had the prettiest dress.

Not being the most graceful of dancers, Cinderella stumbled and lost her shoe. She was so embarrassed she ran home.

The next day, the prince came directly to her house, not only to give back her shoe, but to bring her some wonderful pumpkin cupcakes. They sat and ate them together, and all was just right in the world.

Patsy is an original one-of-a-kind work of art and is meant for display only. No molds are ever used in my work. She and her teddy bear are hand sculpted in paperclay, and they are entirely hand painted using acrylic paints.

Patsy can be found on her very own web page...come visit Patsy's webpage.


"Henry the Owl", New Giclee Print by Elizabeth Ruffing

"Henry the Owl", my second watercolor on Claybord, is printed and available in my Etsy shop. This print is also up for auction on eBay.

I used my Claybord tools to scratch out the whitest feathers on his head and add lots of fine details. Henry's eyes are particularly striking. He's a sweet little fellow, kind of shy :)

Here's my second video, of me painting "Henry the Owl". I just put it up over on my YouTube channel. Please visit my online personal journal for more in depth information about my paintings, and the latest on what I'm up to in my studio.


"Matilda", New Lop Rabbit Print by Elizabeth Ruffing

My lop-earred rabbit is painted, printed, and available in my Etsy shop! I am also putting this print of "Matilda" at auction on eBay.

The orginal watercolor painting for this print was my first on the Claybord, which made for some interesting effects. The detail that you can add by scratching the surface is great. Using a dental pick and some of the Claybord tools that came in the Claybord toolkit, I was able to add fine lines and textures for the lace trim on her turquoise Victorian dress, and her fuzzy bunny fur.

I also put together my first video for my new YouTube channel, of myself painting this painting, which you can watch below. Hope you enjoy it!


"Christy and Quackle", One-of-a-kind Tabby Cat and Duck Folk Art Doll Figurine by Max Bailey

Christy Tabby CatChristy is a sweet little tabby cat with a mischievous side.

Christy Tabby CatHer favorite toy is a yellow duck.

Christy Tabby CatWhen she squeezes his tummy he makes a startling noise halfway between a quack and a cackle, and so she calls him "Quackle".

Christy has heard that ducks like water.

Christy Tabby CatShe's taken Quackle down to the pond a few times, but doesn't dare put him in the water. She's afraid he might float away.

Christy Tabby CatChristy 's friends wish he would float away.

Christy thinks it's very entertaining to sneak up behind them and squeeze Quackle. They don't think it's at all amusing.

Christy Tabby CatChristy's friends are going toy shopping on the Internet. They are going to order a dog that barks, a lion that roars, and a parrot that shrieks.

Christy is an original one-of-a-kind work of art and is meant for display only. No molds are ever used in my work. She and her toy duck are hand sculpted from paperclay, and she is entirely hand painted using acrylic paints. She is signed and dated and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.

Christy and Quackle are available for adoption for $250.00, plus shipping. Please contact us at ruffings@ruffings.com for a shipping quote.


"Maryanne" the Ragdoll cat doll with her own rag doll, by Max Bailey

When Maryanne asked her mother if she could have a Ragdoll for her birthday, she thought she thought she would get a little sister to play with. Instead, her mother made her a rag doll. At first she was disappointed. But she learned to love her new doll. Now she takes it with her wherever she goes.

Maryanne is a beautiful bicolor Ragdoll cat with China-blue eyes that reflect her sweet disposition.

She wears an old-fashioned blue dress gathered up at the sides. It drapes softly over a skirt striped with many colors to match the lower sleeves of the dress. Three gold buttons accent the front, and a large pink peony adorns either side.
I hand sculpted Maryanne and her rag doll, Margie, from paperclay. They are original one-of-a-kind works of art. Maryanne and Margie are completely hand painted with acrylic paints, then signed and dated and sealed with matte varnish for protection and preservation.

You can read all about Maryanne and her rag doll on her own webpage. Please visit our online doll gallery as well to see our other original folk art dolls.