Just a note to let you know we're in the process of moving our blogs

As mentioned in our last post: We are in the process of moving our blogs, due to the recent changes at Blogger.com. Over the next two months, or more, we'll be making the switch to Wordpress, to create our blog posts and our web pages, for our Ruffing's web site and for The Art of Elizabeth Ruffing web site.

We're going to try to keep as many blog post pages and web site pages, as possible, where they are right now, but we may need to change our main blog addresses.

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Please check the home page of either ruffings.com or elizabethruffing.com or our Ruffing's Facebook page for any announcements. Some content may not be readily available during the switch, because we'll be reworking our web site navigation as well. Hopefully, the move will ultimately make our web sites easier to use, but during the move, things may get a little confusing. Please contact us at ruffings@ruffings.com, if you need any help at all finding anything on our site.

(Copies of our blogs will temporarily be located at blogspot.com addresses so that we can import them to their new locations, if you are reading this there.)



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