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My Bunny and my video are done!

My lop-earred rabbit is painted, printed, and available on our Ruffing’s site here, and in my Etsy shop! Painting on the Claybord was a little like painting on illustration board, in that the surface was more absorbent than watercolor paper usually is, but that made for some interesting effects. The detail that you can add by scratching the surface is great. I used a dental pick and some of the Claybord tools that came in the toolkit. I was able to add fine lines and textures for lace and bunny hair.

I also put together my first video for my new YouTube channel. After a couple of failed attempts using one program, I realized that the Roxio program my aunt gave us had a video-editing program included in it, VideoWave. It was an older version, but our computer is about the same vintage. So, it worked out. I had to edit out the parts of the video where I actually smiled because there were loud crunching sounds at the beginning and end of that segment when the on/off button had been pushed. I’ll know to let the camera run a little longer at the start and finish next time.