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Super Slug Comes to Save the Day

My “Hug Me! Slugs” are taking on mutant superhero powers.

This one has an attached cape in case he needs to fly.

He’s also got a bit of a potbelly. So, I don’t know how much altitude he is going to achieve. He has high hopes, at the very least.

Thanks, G.B., for the “Super Slug” suggestion.

I think today, I am going to take another look at my Lucy doll pattern and see if I can simplify it somehow. She seems to be well loved, but she’s a little complicated to make. I can’t say, as of yet, I know how to make her less complicated, but my mind is on it.

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Gumdrop Babies

This is the new pattern I’ve been working on. I saw them all sitting on my table and they reminded me of gumdrops. So, they became “Gumdrop Babies”. I think they are sweet.

They are original, one-of-a-kind, art toys. I hand painted and heat set each one of their pleasantly smiling faces. They are about 10 3/4 to 11 inches tall and they have no removable or loose parts, making them safe for little ones. They are meant to be played with and loved and hugged. I prewashed the fabrics I used, mostly cotton quilting fabrics, with a little rayon on their faces. So they can be gently spot cleaned, rinsed, and set to dry. BTW, I’ve been using Tide Free for Sensitive Skin when I prewash my fabrics. I like to get that factory smell out of fabrics in addition to making sure they won’t shrink or run later.

I’m finding toy making to be therapeutic. No wonder Santa is a jolly guy. I’m not quite jolly yet, but I’m hoping to get there.