Fairy Bear by Max BaileyFairy Bears do only good deeds, and are so light they can sit in the middle of big pink roses without squashing them. Mine has a blue wand with a gold star on the end. He can just touch a rosebud with the wand, and it will open into a full bloom. This accomplished, his gossamer wings will carry him off to the next mission.

I gave him a circular border of other garden flowers, already open.

Fairy Bear by Max Bailey“Fairy Bear” is an original watercolor painting. I am making a limited number of reproductions of this image as a signed giclée print as well, which may be ordered by emailing us or by using the PayPal button below, for the 8 1/2 by 11 print. Please see ordering for more information.

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MBFairyBear Giclée print on fine art paper approx. 7 x 7 inches 8.5 inches by
11 inches

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