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Printing prints, cards, and tags

Angel, fairy, and cat art prints by Elizabeth RuffingI spent my day printing, trimming, signing, and bagging my art prints, and my mom’s. The ones above are mine. I still have more printing to do. I printed until I ran out of art paper and had to order some more. We ordered more of the same archival-quality heavyweight cotton rag art paper I was using. We get ours from I’ll have to wait for it to get here before I can resume my print-printing project.

Hug Me Slug greeting cards by Elizabeth RuffingI made up these Hug Me Slug cards to include with my toys, along with my business cards. I printed these greeting cards on card stock, with our website information on the back. I printed my business cards on Epson watercolor paper.

Hug Me Slug greeting cards by Elizabeth RuffingI trim everything I print by hand, with a pair of scissors, including my hang tags, which I then glue onto scrapbook paper and trim again.

Hug Me Bugs and Hug Me Slug with hang tags by Elizabeth RuffingWe have rain on and off this week, which is a nice break from the record heat. These two found another use for our umbrella. They’ve made it into a boat. They must be planning on going sailing.

Kitty cats playing in an umbrella, photo by Elizabeth Ruffing

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