Santa makes salamanders!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! I spent yesterday stuffing catnip into toys. I still have a catnip-induced headache, but the kitties were happy. Santana received his very own catnip salamander. I think he likes it. The salamander is brown with polka dots on one side, and green with polka dots on the other.…


Genevieve, miniature angel tabby Maine Coon cat art doll, handmade original, one-of-a-kind kitten by artist Max Bailey

Genevieve is a handmade miniature original, one-of-a-kind cat art doll, hand painted and hand sculpted in paperclay by artist Max Bailey. Genevieve is a tabby Maine Coon angel kitten with a flair for color. It is her responsibility to select the color of each angel kitten’s robe. As she is very democratic, she first asks…