Pinky, miniature Norwegian Forest Cat tabby-and-white kitten art doll, handmade original, one-of-a-kind kitten by artist Max Bailey

Pinky is a handmade miniature original, one-of-a-kind tabby-and-white Norwegian Forest cat art doll, hand painted and hand sculpted in paperclay by artist Max Bailey. Pinky is a Norwegian Forest Cat tabby-and-white kitten who lives in a world where everything is her favorite color, by her own design. She wears a two-tone pink dress, with gold…


Down At the Station, A Soldier’s Farewell, and Miss Doughty’s Latest Creation, Original Historical Watercolor Paintings by A E Ruffing

These are the original watercolor historical paintings that were done by artist A E Ruffing of the Poughkeepsie, NY Train Station and Main Street in Poughkeepise, NY. “Down at the Station” is set in the 1920’s, and depicts a scene at the Poughkeepsie, NY Train Station. “A Soldier’s Farewell” and “Miss Doughty’s Latest Creation” are…