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Ruffing's Other Animals Giclees
"Into the Clearing" AER94 by A E Ruffing Red Fox "The Rabbit Dances" ER20 by Elizabeth Ruffing "Matilda" Lop Rabby Print by Elizabeth Ruffing
"Into the Clearing"
by A E Ruffing
Red Fox
"The Rabbit Dances"
by Elizabeth Ruffing
Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
by Elizabeth Ruffing
Lop Rabbbit
"Hiding Place" AER2 by A E Ruffing Deer Familiy "Pink Roses and a Painted Lady" AER16 by A E Ruffing Butterfly "Hiding" AER73 by A E Ruffing Rabbit
"Hiding Place"
by A E Ruffing
 White-tailed Deer Family
"Pink Roses and
a Painted Lady"
by A E Ruffing
Painted Lady Butterfly
by A E Ruffing
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

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