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New Etsy shop for a new year

RuffingHappy new year everyone! In honor of 1/1/11, I got up this morning and opened a new collective Etsy shop for Ruffing’s. Now we won’t have to debate over whose shop should have whose jointly-made art. This shop will be for all the fine art by myself, my mom, A E Ruffing, Max Bailey, and Abby Laurence, and everything made by any combination of the aforementioned thereof 🙂 Since we share a workspace, supplies, and advice for each other, it makes sense.

We’ll be migrating art from my shop and my mom’s shop, over to the new shop, until it is all organized. I am going to keep all the whimsical, play-with-me-type art and toys over in my shop, which I will probably rename to something like “Hug Me Slugs and Friends”.

I even made a new banner for our Ruffing’s Etsy shop this morning before I had breakfast. How is that for tackling a new Year’s resolution? I hope 2011 is full of wonderful things to come!