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A E Ruffing and George RuffingAnne and George Ruffing
Elizabeth Ruffing
Elizabeth Ruffing

We are artists Anne Elizabeth and Elizabeth Anne Ruffing, a mother-daughter team. Ruffing’s was founded by Anne and George Ruffing, back in 1967, when they first married, to showcase Anne’s work. George had an art gallery and was doing local art shows in upstate New York in 1966, while Anne was also doing art shows featuring her own watercolor paintings. One day, they were having art shows right next door to each other, and George’s friend suggested he go say hello to the pretty artist next door, to see if he could cheer her up because he thought she looked sad. George was known for his sense of humor. George went over to say hello, made Anne laugh, and it was meant to be. When George passed away in 2016, and Elizabeth took over running the business, but George was always Anne’s biggest cheerleader. His inspiration, enthusiasm, and humor kept everyone going over the years.

We have lines of art under the names Anne Ruffing, Elizabeth Ruffing, A E Ruffing, Max Bailey, and Abby Laurence. What we have in common is the great value we place on quality and tradition. Our emphasis is always on putting forth our best efforts, whether working singly or working together. We have been in the art business for more than fifty years. Our family-run art studio is now located in the heart of North Carolina.

Our goal is to share our appreciation for the world around us and within us through the creation of art that captures the beauty and wonder of both nature and our imaginations. We have a serious side and a whimsical side, and you will see both sides as you explore our original watercolor and acrylic paintings, fine art prints, handmade original one-of-a-kind art dolls, figurines, art quilts, soft dolls, and stuffed animal art toys.

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A E Ruffing

Elizabeth Ruffing

Max Bailey

Abby Laurence

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