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Elizabeth Ruffing

Elizabeth Ruffing is the daughter of artist A. E. Ruffing. As a child, she took an interest in drawing and painting. She learned the technique of working in watercolor from her mother, and went on to study art at Yale, Brown, and The Rhode Island School of Design.

Elizabeth has been a professional artist for more than fifteen years, painting in both watercolor and acrylic. Her paintings are remarkable in detail and striking in composition. She often adds decorative borders to her depictions of nature or fantasy.

Her licenses have included needlework kits for JCA and Candamar, and pillows and throws for Scene Weaver.

She has most recently begun creating original, one-of-a-kind folk art dolls and art quilts, incorporating her love of sewing, quilting, and pattern design into her artwork. Her fine art giclée prints, art dolls, art quilts are available in the Ruffing’s Etsy Shop. Her soft dolls and art toys are available in Elizabeth’s Etsy Toy Shop.

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