Abby Laurence

Ragdoll and Hydrangeas by Abby Laurence

Our Abby Laurence line includes delicate watercolor paintings of flowers, often combined with cats, and celebrates a lifelong love of flowers. The garden to be the most infinitely beautiful and inspiring place to be, and what better companion is there for time in the garden than a cat, or two, or more? The soft color and exquisite detail found in flowers, or in the faces of cats and kittens can be found in these beautiful watercolor paintings. Abby Laurence flower paintings have been licensed for prints that have been published and distributed worldwide through a publishing house. Abby Laurence floral, cat, and kitten paintings have also been licensed to Candamar, Janlynn, and JCA for needlework kits. Peace and tranquility and a love of beauty are themes throughout this art.

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