Smiling Freddie tabby cat Logo for La Maisonnette des Chats - The Little House of Cats

La Maisonnette des Chats – The Little House of Cats

La Maisonnette des Chats – The Little House of Cats

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Smiling Freddie tabby cat Logo for La Maisonnette des Chats - The Little House of Cats

This smiling tabby cat is Freddie, the first resident of La Maisonnette des Chats, or The Little House of Cats. He is part of our colony cat relocation project. I’ve been feeding and caring for a colony of cats since 2018. They used to live next to a busy shopping area, in the woods next to a machine shop, and at our local library, before we relocated them to their new home, dubbed La Maisonnette des Chats by a dear friend of ours.

The area where the cats lived their whole lives up until recently became too busy and we were asked to move the cats. Thanks to your generous donations, they have a nice new little house and a a Purrfect Fence cat enclosure.

We need continued donations to cover their medical care and food.

With your help, we have been able to bring this group of cats here to live, and get them the vet care they needed. As they were relocated, they each needed three vaccines (Rabies, FVRCP, and Leukemia) and two boosters (FVRCP and Leukemia), microchips, Profender (a dewormer), and Revolution. Several needed to be spayed or neutered. With your donations, we were able to take in those who were in need of urgent medical attention first, those with eye injuries, eye infections, upper respiratory infections, and those who needed spay/neuters. Those cats are all doing well. Others went to rescues and were adopted, and some went directly to homes and to a farm.

Your donations have also provided food, blankets, and shelter for these colony cats for the past several years. We could not have done this without your help. Thank you so very much!

We need donations to cover the ongoing costs for all the cats. We are not a charity, but your gifts help us keep up with food and vet care for the cats. Any donations for the cats are only used for the cats. The cats always have needs for food. They are eating Purina Naturals Original dry food and Friskies canned food. They need to be kept on Revolution Plus, a monthly topical, as one of the cats tested positive for heart worm. At least one of the cats is in need of a dental. After living outside for eight years, since he was a kitten, his mouth needs some care. All of these things are costly. Please help if you can. Additionally, we still need paint to finish their house, some landscaping items like mulch and dirt for their yard, and some welded wire fencing for the bottom “part two” of their fence where we ran out.

Any donation of any size is very much appreciated. Everything helps. A dollar will buy two cans of cat food. Thanks so much.

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