New Elizabeth Ruffing Fairy Prints

These are two new fairy art giclée prints for our Ruffing's web site. Both are a standard size 8.5 by 11 inch image size on 9.5 x 12 inch fine art paper. Both are fantasy pieces based on my original watercolor and pen and ink paintings. Above is "Moon and Star" which depicts the moon as a woman with butterfly wings and a star as a young girl. Both are descending toward the horizon at dawn.
This giclée is entitled "The Moon Sings a Lullaby". I was imagining what kind of lullaby the moon would sing, if the moon could sing, to help people drift off to sleep. I thought of the sounds of katydids, which I’ve always loved to listen to on summer nights. And I thought of the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz, which caused Dorothy and her friends to fall asleep on their way to The Emerald City. This is the moon singing us all to sleep with a lullaby full of poppies and katydids.
Both prints are also available in my Etsy shop. Please visit!



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