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Blue and Yellow Quilt, continued

This is the September block from the block-of-the-month class I’ve been going to this year. I’m glad to say I’ve been keeping up with my homework this time. I know I will get behind as soon as it is time to put it together, as I have reworked the entire layout, adding two extra blocks, a big hand appliqu├ęd center piece, and I don’t remember how many little squares all along the outside edge. I’m sure it will be glorious, if I finish it before I am elderly.

I have been very busy lately, editing photos of art dolls and scans of art for Max, who is coming out with a new line of prints. I still have much to do, including finishing some dolls who have been extraordinarily patient about receiving their wings, clothes, paint, etc.

Hopefully soon I will get a gazillion projects of my own finished. Well, that is always unlikely, as I start ten while I’m working on any given one. Hope is good though.

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