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Blue and Yellow Quilt, October Block

I’m still moving along on this Block-of-the-month quilt. Every month, I think I will slip behind, but I’ve managed to keep up with my class. I drew out templates on poster board and template plastic and hand pieced this block, as I have most of the blocks for this quilt. If anyone wants to follow suit and make templates, the blue and white corner squares are based on 4 1/2 inch finished-sized squares, with an diagonal line drawn corner to corner. The center white square is 3 inches, finished size. And the yellow and white rectangular sections are based on 4 1/2 by 3 inch finished-sized rectangles with lines drawn from corner to corner in both directions.

Cut out your templates and lay the templates on the wrong side of your fabric. Try to line up the outside edges of the main sections of the block and the outside edges of the block itself parallel with the straight of grain of your fabric. Draw around the templates with a pencil (the mechanical kinds work best, especially with a piece of sandpaper under your fabric to keep it from slipping around), and the cut out the pieces 1/4 inch outside the lines to create a 1/4 seam allowance. The pencil lines become your sewing lines. You just match them up by inserting a pin through both layers, and hand sew the pieces together with a small running stitch. Press your block once all the pieces are assembled.

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