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Butterfly doll quilt

I felt my new kitten needed an accessory. My mom had the idea to make her her own baby quilt that matched her dress. First I picked out the dress materials I wanted to use, and then I rummaged through my stash for complimentary calico squares.

I came up with a 10 inch square quilt design and a little butterfly drawing to hand embroider in the center. I used a satin stitch to fill in the butterfly. I hand quilted the doll quilt too, with cotton batting sandwiched between the quilt top and a square of one of the dress materials.

I used my second dress fabric for the binding, which I slip stitched by hand to the back of the quilt. It all got a bit labor-intensive, but I like to quilt. So, I got carried away. It’s the cutest thing in person. It’s so tiny. I’m still fussing over it, but I should leave it be to make her dress.

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