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Cinderella’s Floppy Shoes

In keeping with my recent Cinderella theme, I went out last night and lost not one, but both of my shoes! The soles on each one split right in half, in the same place on each shoe, clean through the soles. I can’t imagine why they broke in half at the same time, except perhaps the one just couldn’t bear to live without the other. The funny thing is, just before it happened, I was walking along, not sure exactly where the place I was looking for was, thinking it would be a humorous time for me to lose a heel or something. I will have to curb these kinds of thoughts! Maybe I have some Carrie-like telekinetic powers. At least the Pliers from Heaven didn’t fall on my car, like they did that time I went out for coffee.

I wonder what this means? If nothing else, that it is time for me to put some new shoes on! Figuratively? Literally? Both?…

In other news, we spent the morning photographing new dolls. Be sure to check over at the Ruffing’s Blog to have a look. We are going to try to be more organized this season and introduce the original hand-sculpted folk art dolls there first, so people will know where to look for the new ones as they become available. Then anyone who wants to can subscribe to receive email updates. There is an area in the upper right hand corner on the Ruffing’s Blog where anyone can subscribe. I’ll still be posting about my cloth dolls and toys here too, as I make them.

Thank you for all the slug love! There is still time to vote for Gerard! Please do! He loves attention 😉

Wow. September is here. I suddenly feel the need to clone myself again! There is plenty to do around here. I’m feeling kind of nervous! There are toys and dolls and paintings and prints and web pages and ads to be made. Oh my.

By the way, I recently purchased these two very adorable books on hand-knitted toys. I love looking through them.

They come with complete instructions for making the toys too, not that I have any time to do this, but I’m really enjoying the inspiration just the same. They are Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor, and Knitted and Felted Toys by Zoe Halstead. They are great fun.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend!

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