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Coming or going?

This is what happens when you sew while watching Chiller TV. I did a nice, neat job of basting these legs on. Too bad they’re going in opposite directions. I suggested a two-faced kitty doll, but I don’t think we’re taking our dolls in that direction. In those directions? Anyway…

There comes a point when you need to put the projects away for the day, before you start doing what a friend of mine calls “negative work”. This wasn’t anywhere near as funny as the time I drew an angel’s knees on backwards. My mom and I were staring at my drawing, trying to work out why it just didn’t look right.

It was this diving angel. Her feet were facing in the opposite direction initially. You know I’m an intelligent person, right? So I can tell you this 🙂 It’s just that sometimes, your brain gets tired and strange things happen!

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