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My art studio-drawing-painting-designing-sewing room

This is where most of creations have their start. I draw, paint, design and make patterns, and sew in this workroom. Yes, it is February, and the Christmas tree is still up. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day still counts as a holiday where decorations are permissible. Do people have Valentine’s trees? Easter trees?

I’m dangerously close to becoming like that family in “Garden State“, with the year-round Christmas tree, when I leave it up for so long that there becomes little point in taking it down.

I have my work table, my sewing machine, my ironing board, and lots of supplies, all in a small space. I can turn around and grab what I need.

This is my studio after I cleaned it. I am trying to abide by the put-it-back-where-you-found-it rule. Rules annoy me. I really don’t stand a chance. I will just end up having to clean it again.

After I take down the Christmas tree.