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Hieronymus Bosch

At first glance I thought this looked like a pile of intestines, or a sketch for an Hieronymus Bosch painting, or maybe even a scene from CSI, the fairy version. It’s just a pile of doll parts, an exhausting pile of flower baby fairy bits and pieces. I always think it will be much easier to make the bodies up in groups, but that always leads to my thinking that I will never make one of these again! I still have six wings to hand quilt before I can even begin assembling them. I may go mad. I hope not, but I may.

In other news, I made a new banner for our eBay About Me page, and redesigned the page. I added new picture links to click on and some other content, like buyers’ feedback. It’s much brighter and more eye-catching now. Our eBay My World page now has a guestbook you can sign and a mini-blog that points to our Ruffing’s blog.

I’ve been fiddling with our Ruffing’s home page and our art doll gallery page as well. My goal is to get pictures of our available dolls up with links to their purchase information. I’m still in the process of editing Max Bailey’s kitty cat art doll photos, and I’m adding them as I go to our ruffingsartdolls Flickr album. I love “Crabby Alice” so much I can’t help hoping that she stays with us. The thought of her leaving makes me very sad.
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