“Clara”, Izannah Walker-inspired Art Doll

This is Clara, the doll who was waiting so long for a dress and then new shoes. Finally, she has it all.

This is my same Izannah Walker-inspired doll dress pattern I was describing in my last post, done in a pink cotton fabric with little pale pink chrysanthemums. I sewed two pin tucks and a three inch hem at the bottom of the dress, which makes it stand out nicely. A sash ties in a bow at the back to gather in the fullnesss of the dress.

Clara herself is made of 100% cotton fabric which has been gessoed, hand painted with acrylic paint, and sealed with matte varnish for protection. Her head was made with a combination of Creative Paperclay and Li-Qua-Ché pourable papier mâché, which was also gessoed, painted and sealed the same as her body.

Her hand-sculpted ringlets go all the way around her head, and little pin curls cover the top of her head. Clara is a one-of-a-kind original art doll. There is no other like her.

This is a view of her dress, untied, with its sash.

Please click here to visit Clara’s web page.

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