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Art Nouveau-inspired Floral Prints by Elizabeth Ruffing

“Lavender-blue Iris on Green”

Here is a whole garden of iris, and some white roses. I adore iris and have a big bed of them out my back door, in a huge variety of colors. I also love Art Nouveau and William Morris’ designs. With these paintings, I was exploring doing my own repeat patterns in that vein.

“Cream and Purple Iris on Green”

These are all available as mini giclée prints in our Ruffing’s Etsy shop, all on 8.5 x 11 inch archival-quality, 100% cotton, 300 gsm weight fine art paper. They are printed with archival-quality, Epson UltraChrome pigment-based ink for longevity. Each print is signed below the image in pencil.

“Yellow and White Iris on Blue”

These prints can be ordered through Ruffing’s on Etsy, or by emailing us at Ruffing’s. Some are also available in print sets of two or three giclées. They can be found by clicking on the highlighted titles beneath these photos, and scrolling down the individual print webpages. Please visit!


“Tan and Purple Iris on Green”

“Lavender Iris on Green”


“Quiet Night”

“Music Box”

5 thoughts on “Art Nouveau-inspired Floral Prints by Elizabeth Ruffing

  1. Wow…they’re gorgeous! I would love a garden full of those lilies and roses myself. You definitely have talent in painting. Were these all done with watercolour? I love how elegantly crumpled the petals are and those beautiful colours astound me.. Would you mind if I took some of your lily pictures as inspiration? Maybe as subjects to vector? I promise I will not claim the pictures as my own and provide links to your site if I do. I hope you can reply me…please comment here; I’ll check. Thanks!

  2. Hi…thanks for the compliments. They are all done in watercolor. Those are actually iris though 😉 I’m sorry, but I’m not comfortable with my art being used, or derivative works being made from it. We publish and license our art for profit, and own the copyrights to it…that’s how we make our living. When we license our artwork to companies, we draw up a contract, and we are paid in return for granting the company the one-time right to reproduce the work, or make products, or derivative work from our artwork. There are often agreements for companies to have exclusive use of certain images as well, which means we can’t allow another company (or person) to produce products with the same images. I do appreciate your interest and and your kind words. Thanks again, and I appreciate your asking. All the best to you.

  3. *wince* I can’t believe I confused irises and lilies… All right, I get the whole copyright thing. I will just admire your paintings from afar then. 🙂 I will look for photos then, to vector; they generally are not under any of those strict copyright laws, especially if they’re from deviantart…I would take some photos myself, only there aren’t any irises here. 🙁 Well, thanks for taking the time to reply me! I wasn’t expecting such a fast reply. Your websites are very beautiful and interesting finds from a google search for ‘art nouveau paintings’.

  4. That’s okay, and thanks for asking. There are copyright-free art nouveau designs out there. Dover Publications has them, I know: The ones on CD are at the bottom of that page, but you can just check their site for “art nouveau”. Check out “clip art” for copyright-free art in your Google searches as well. Best of luck to you and thanks for the compliments!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the link, the tips and the well wishes! I will try and look elsewhere for images..All right, I shall neither bother you nor take up your time on this issue. It would be hard for anyone to ‘steal’ your work anyway..your style is rather distinctive. Wish you all the best and keep being inspired!

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