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Mini Giclee Art Prints, Kitties

I’m on my fourth try of a medication that doesn’t agree with me, but is hopefully knocking out this infection I’ve had the past couple of months. So, I’ll try not to say too much, lest I say something dopey, literally. I’ve been saying things like “bathroom” when I mean “background”. Yesterday, when asked what Andy Griffith’s real-life hometown was, I actually suggested, “Mayberry?” Good thing I was in the privacy of my own home. I might have gotten thrown out of North Carolina for that.

I’ve decided to introduce mini versions of my prints. I’m not sure how long I’ll offer them, but I thought it might be a good way to gauge interest. I’ve been struggling a lot lately, trying to decide what to paint. That may sound odd, since I usually have too many ideas, but that is the problem. I’ve been too caught up in what I see is popular as well. I think, “I could do that…but I don’t want to.” I was trying to come up with something whimsical, cute, simple, but it just didn’t suit me. In fact, it was making me quite cranky, which was the reverse of what I was hoping for.

I’m going to stick with the often-offered advice, “Paint what you like to paint.” For me, that tends to be fantasy art, florals, cats, and other animals.

These cat paintings are available as mini prints in my Etsy shop, or on our Ruffing’s website. They are printed on nice heavy-weight, 100% cotton art paper, using archival-quality, pigment-based Epson inks, and are signed below the image in pencil. They come in a protective cello sleeve. From top to bottom, they are “The Guardian“, “Laurence with Primroses and Daffodils“, and “Something Stirring“.
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