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“Did you photograph them yet?”

Yes. Yes, I did. LOL. I know it is kind of strange to make your family wait to eat their cookies while you photograph them, isn’t it? Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t take nearly as long as it seems to take.

These are sand tarts, from my mom’s relatively old edition of Joy of Cooking. The latest copyright in it is 1964. I have the newer All New All Purpose Joy of Cooking version, but I wanted to make the same cookies we had when I was little. It could have been a little easier…Those old recipes have you sifting and resifting and sifting this with that. I guess that’s why I couldn’t find the recipe in my new version. I also couldn’t find our “Little Drummer Boy” or snowman cookie cutters. So, the Christmas bunny and the Christmas elephant had to stand in for them. Never heard of them? Well, never mind 😉

I iced them with confectioner’s sugar mixed with milk and a couple drops of vanilla, then sprinkled them with colored sugar. Now, they are ready to be eaten 🙂
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