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Doll Bicycles

I found these great bicycles on Easter clearance. They had bunnies attached, but I carefully removed them, along with the candy that came in the baskets.

I used some paint and epoxy remover to get the glue off the seats, eventually managed to pick it off. I then patched, sanded, and painted the seats over, closely matching the the bike frames.

I think they are so charming, and they fit my kitten just right.
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Kitty Couture

I designed and made this dress for my latest kitten doll. I went way overboard altering the outer and inner bodice pieces to give a faux piping effect around the neck and armholes. In reality, the thin line of turquoise fabric that shows is about 1/16 of an inch wide! A matching band of turquoise is set in along the bottom hem too, with a row of light blue Rick Rack anchoring it in place.

I hand stitched a blue ribbon at the waistline and tacked on a matching bow. I find the dress captivating all by itself and its small size makes it even cuter.

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Mr Buskit, the Birthday Slug

This is S.B.’s birthday slug. He’s based on the pattern for my Valentine bird, with a few alterations. He’s got a little painted wooden birthday present in his “mouth”, and pipe cleaner antennae with painted wooden beads at their ends. His birthday hat is topped with a tiny pom pom.

S.B. had been suggesting for some time that I make a “Huggy Slug” to go with my other huggy creatures.

His name, Mr Buskit, was revealed during the course of a confused driving conversation:

Elizabeth: “What are we waiting for?”

S.B.: “We’re waiting until this bus gets by.”

Elizabeth: “Who’s Mr Buskit?”

S.B.: “What?”

Elizabeth: “We’re waiting until Mr Buskit’s by?”

S.B.: “We’re waiting until this bus gets by us.”

Elizabeth: “Oh.”

S.B.: “Who’s Mr Buskit?”

Elizabeth: “I don’t know. I thought maybe he was a neighborhood pet.”

S.B.: “A neighborhood pet?… Maybe that’s the slug’s name.”

Happy birthday, S.B…from me and Mr Buskit 🙂