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The Owl and The Pussycat

I have a cold, but I am trying to be productive while sitting in bed. These are my first two entries in my new sketchbook, an owl and a pussycat. He is a Northern Saw-whet Owl and she is a Persian kitten. Both are dressed in vintage clothing. They are tiny pencil drawings, four by five inches.

I have been scouting around for mini canvases and found some at Michaels (in their store…again, can’t seem to find the same thing on their site) that are four by five. Of course after buying a couple of canvases, I’m now thinking I’ll do the paintings in watercolor on paper instead. It’s always a good idea not to get a bunch of things before trying one out. This time I only bought one each in two sizes, but I’ve made the mistake of being too sure about what I wanted to do before. Somehow, certain artwork tells you how it wants to be done as you are working on it. So, you can’t always plan in advance. These just seem to want to be paler and more delicate in a way that watercolor would work best.