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My owl is done!

I’ve still got to put my video together, but I’ve already printed a couple of prints of Mr Owl for my Etsy shop. This print is available on our Ruffing’s site here.

I used my Claybord tools to scratch out the whitest feathers on his head, something I would have used masking fluid for on watercolor paper. I did have a little trouble with the wash for the background because the Claybord is so absorbent and the paint dried too quickly. This will be an interesting challenge for larger paintings. I digitally “mended” some of the watercolor splash marks. I left them in the sky of my bunny painting. I think that is going to be an effect that I’ll either live with or change in Photoshop in future projects. It will depend on whether I like a particular splash mark or I don’t. Sometimes it gives a nice “watercolor” effect, and looks artsy, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen where I might like it to happen.

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