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Scrapbook for Grandma

I’ve been spending most of this week scanning and editing old photos, and arranging them onto scrapbook pages. My grandma has recently gone to live in a nursing home. My uncle had been trying to look after her in her home, but she needed around-the-clock care. It’s very sad that she can no longer remember things she once knew, or recognize some of her family or, often, her own belongings. She does seem to be cheerful most of the time in her new home, and has plenty of people around her, as she has always liked to have. But I am not sure she knows me, or many of us in the family anymore.

So, I have been putting this book together, matching our photos with our names, and descriptions of who we are. I’ve been told not to expect her to know anyone, and I’m adjusting to that idea. Still, I’m hoping something will look familiar to her, and will give her a sense of who her family are and where she came from, if only for a few seconds at a time. I’m also saving the pages on a CD so everyone in the family who wants a copy can have one.

This is my grandma in front of her old house with the hollyhocks I started from seed. They grew much better at her house than they ever did at mine.