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Transferring my owl

I transferred my owl onto Claybord today. I even filmed myself for the video I plan to make for the painting. It was hard to get myself to do that. It takes away the whole joy of not caring what you look like when you’re working at home. At least it was a short segment!

My bunny was today’s featured listing in the Prim and Whimsy Girls eBay group. I was so surprised this morning to to her furry face looking out at me when I signed in. Thanks, Becky!

I joined the group just recently. You can find members’ eBay listings by searching titles and descriptions on eBay for “PWGL“.

I also joined the Rags to Riches Dolls eBay group recently. You can find those members’ eBay listings by searching titles and descriptions on eBay for “R2RD“.

Here is a close-up of my bunny’s lace collar and trim. I made up some detail shots for my print ad. I’m trying it out on eBay this week, and it will continue to be available on Etsy. This print is available on our Ruffing’s site here. The lace is the part I scratched out of the Claybord with a dental pick and some of the Claybord tools. I’ll be trying this technique while making my owl’s feathers.
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