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Space Fish and Web Design Manuals

I’ve been doing tons of web junk lately, adding PayPal buttons to our Ruffing’s site, enlarging the print images, showing the prints in simulated frames, adding dolls to the doll gallery. The unfortuate part is that most of it isn’t “live” yet because it needs more work, and you can’t even see it on the Internet yet. So, none of that feels very rewarding. I got bored today and made these “Space Fish”. I have no idea what that means. I was was watching Doctor Who again last night. Maybe I’m just on a SciFi kick.

I like the way these two are swimming side by side. I wish I had remembered to set my resolution higher when I took the original photos. This one is very small.

I printed out my web design program manuals, because I really can’t look things up while I am working on the computer. It is more than my brain can handle, trying to remember complex directions while I toggle from one window to the other. I think I printed out 699 pages worth. And I punched all the little binder holes in them. At least my helper likes them.

I’m still trying to find a way to absorb the information by osmosis, maybe by leaving them, one at a time, under my pillow at night, but I am afraid the osmosis will work in reverse and drain what little is left of my mind away instead of adding to it.

Okay, yeah, too much SciFi and too much work…