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More supplies!

We are busy getting ready for fall around here. We have put Max‘s first original folk art doll, a Pug dog named Tillie, up over on the Ruffing’s blog this afternoon. We also went out for more supplies. I have an idea for a new doll and maybe some other creatures using socks and yarn. I was inspired by a sock doll I have, that I got when I was little, maybe when I was five or so. I can still remember the shop where we found her. I don’t know where it was, but I can still see both the inside and the outside of the shop, in my mind. I know it was a very rustic building, in a woodland area, and inside, it was loaded with handmade goods. I can still remember how excited I was that there were all these colorful sock dolls lined up on shelves and placed around the shop. I was allowed to pick one, and I still feel joyful when I hold her, even though she has aged. Well, so have I!

Just so you know, an Official Foot Holder is, apparently, required when you are taking photos of craft supplies. They are like sleepwalkers however. You must be careful not to wake them, or they become deranged!…