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I put my new shoes on

I finally replaced my poor broken-in-half shoes. Everyone seemed to be having very good sales this weekend. I picked up some tights too. I was in the store, completely stumped over what color tights to get. I honestly could not remember what colors my “dress-up” clothes were! I realized that I hadn’t gotten dressed up for anything in such a long time, that I couldn’t even remember what I had in my closet. That’s just sad.

So…I got dressed up 🙂 I had to, right? Well, I had to at least look in my closet. I asked my mom to take a few photos of the rare occasion.

I’ll have to make sure it isn’t quite as rare from now on. I used to get dressed up at least once a week. I’ll have to do better. My clothes must miss me!

The funny thing is that I used to make my own clothes, and I had lots and lots of clothes. My dad erected a long closet that took up an entire wall of my old bedroom when I was in high school, and it was there through college. I used to sketch out whole wardrobes. I even had subscriptions to Vogue ,Vogue Pattern Magazine, W, as well as other clothing magazines. That just cracks me up now. What happened?

Ah well, I’ll just have to get someone to take me somewhere nice now! 😉
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