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Art Nouveau-inspired Floral Print Sets by Elizabeth Ruffing

I’ve taken my Art Nouveau, William Morris-inspired floral prints and combined a few of them in print sets. I’ve added these print sets to our Ruffing’s website pages for each of the individual print images. You can find them by scrolling down on the web pages for any of these individual prints, or you can find them in my Etsy shop. Click on the following highlighted titles, “Lavender-blue Iris on Green” or “Cream and Purple Iris on Green“, to find the above two prints, available separately or as set of two.

Or click on “Yellow and White Iris on Blue” and “Valentine” for the above two iris prints, available separately or as a set of two.

You can find “Tan and Purple Iris on Green” and “Lavender Iris on Green” above as a set of two, or available individually. These are also available with “Innocence“, below, as a set of three prints.

To see more of my floral prints, please click here to visit our Scenes and Florals webpage. I’ve been trying to catch up on all the unfinished webpages for our Ruffing’s website prints, but I’m not sure I am even halfway through yet.