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Original art cat dolls in progress, and making progress in general

Original cat art dolls in progress, Elizabeth Ruffing, Max Bailey
These are the original cat art dolls that Max Bailey and I have been working on. The one on the left will be a Siamese cat, and the one on the right is a tabby cat. The tabby is very cute, but I don’t want to give too much away before her entire ensemble is complete. I am sewing her a dress based on Shirley Temple’s dress in her 1937 film “Heidi”. She has a beautiful pet goose companion as well.

Shirley Temple as Heidi in the 1937 filmI have so many little loose ends that I’m trying to tie up, and that includes making my way through the pile of books I intended to read. I’m still working on E. M. Forster. I’m reading A Passage to India right now.

A Passage To India movie stillI think that might be the only one of his novels I’ve read that hasn’t been turned into a movie starring Helena Bonham-Carter.

A Room with a View movie stillOther E. M. Forster novels I’ve recently read are Where Angels Fear to Tread, A Room with a View (scene from the movie above), and Howard’s End.

I’m sure none of these will compare to CSS: The Missing Manual, which I ordered today. That’s by Brian McFarland. It promises to be “crystal clear”. If I still can’t efficiently absorb CSS after that, I think I’m just going to live without it, knock on wood.

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