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Folk art cat dolls in progress, and making progess in general

Here is a sneak peak at Max Bailey’s and my collaborative original folk art cat dolls. The one on the left will be a Siamese, and the one on the right is a tabby cat. The tabby is very cute, but I don’t want to give too much away before her entire ensemble is complete. She has a gorgeous pet companion as well.

I have so many little loose ends that I’m trying to tie up, and that includes making my way through the pile of books I intended to read. I’m still working on E. M. Forster, and I’m reading A Passage to India right now. I think that might be the only one of his novels I’ve read that hasn’t been turned into a movie starring Helena Bonham-Carter.

Other E. M. Forster novels I’ve recently read are Where Angels Fear to Tread, A Room with a View (scene from the movie above), and Howard’s End. I’m sure none of these will compare to CSS: The Missing Manual, which I ordered today. That’s by Brian McFarland. It promises to be “crystal clear”. If I still can’t efficiently absorb CSS after that, I think I’m just going to live without it, knock on wood.

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