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And whiskers on kittens

I’d like to thank Lisa Cole again, for giving me this “Kreativ Blogger” award. She is a very sweet lady and her artwork is magical. Be sure to go have a look. I am supposed to name seven things I love and nominate seven other people. I was curious about where this award started, and although I didn’t find out, I did find out that there have been a few variations on the “things that you love” theme. I found people listing things for which they are grateful, things that make them happy, and values they support and don’t support. I guess people have been “kreativ” with their lists too 🙂

I’d also like to thank my kitty assistant, because where would I be without him? It’s purely an illusion that I come up with all of these ideas myself. As you can see from his expression, he is the go-to guy for ideas. I’m pretty sure he knows what all those buttons do on that sewing machine too. He just lets me try to figure it out on my own so I’ll learn.

We had a beautiful snowy day today. The first and only real snow we have had this winter, here in the heart of North Carolina. I stomped around in the snow, then watched the inauguration, then stomped around in the snow some more. It was a good day.

Okay, so I am supposed to make lists here…I’m still thinking…Hm…I suppose I can’t steal Lisa’s list of things she loves, but I almost could, or would, because I’d have very similar answers. So, I will have to be more random. Let’s see.

1) I love today. I am grateful for today, and today made me happy too. A new president. A new, clean, white, cold blanket over everything. A little flock of juncos hopping around eating cracked corn out my back door. The ducks safely floating on the pond. My family safe and sound. Everything was fine today. I aspire to love every day, and find something to be grateful for in every day.

2) I love myself. No, goodness knows, not in some egomaniacal way. But in a quiet, I’m-worth-taking-care-of-myself way. I’m happy with who I am, and I’m grateful for the things I can do. I’m happy and grateful to be alive and well.

3) I love that when I don’t feel so happy, I have people who love me and listen to me and support me. I love that when I feel sad, even my kitties know enough about me to come see if I’m okay. I’m grateful to be loved.

4) I love that we have what we need. Plenty of food to eat, a home, central heat when we are cold, air conditioning when we are hot. I don’t take these things for granted, and I am grateful for them.

5) I love beautiful and colorful things, gardens full of flowers, quilts made up of a little bit of everything, things arranged by color…bolts of fabric, skeins of yarn, boxes of paint. It doesn’t matter so much what it is, as long as it’s visually stimulating and varied. That excites me and makes me happy.

6) I love the natural world, with all the amazing and varied living things that inhabit it.

7) I love fantasy, imagining what might exist that we cannot, or have not yet seen.

Now I have to nominate people…so I nominate you! If you are reading this, I invite you to tell your story in whatever way you want, through your own blog, a hand-written journal, a poem, a painting, a song. Share it with the world, a confidante, or just keep it for yourself. Reflect on what you love, what makes you happy, and what you are grateful for and express that somewhere. You can even leave a comment here, telling me something you love, something that makes you happy, or something that you are grateful for. I’d enjoy checking out some great artists or writers or any creative people you think I might like too.

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