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Chelsea the Maine Coon Cat makes her first appearance

This is Miss Chelsea, the Maine Coon Cat, the fourth one-of-a-kind, original, folk art animal doll collaboration between myself and Max Bailey. I think she is the most spectacular doll creation I have seen come out of this studio. She is so amazingly lifelike. We keep staring at her in disbelief, expecting her to meow or jump off the table. She really takes your breath away in person.

We did some test shots of the dolls today, and photographed Max’s three kitty figurines that have been waiting a very long time to have their pictures taken. We are going to get those up first on the Ruffing’s site, or that is the plan. Things have been moving more slowly than we had planned, but we are still heading in the same direction.

I still have some dressmaking to complete before we can do our group shots of our four new jointed dolls. We are still debating over the backdrops too. Black, tan, white? Some look better on one than the other.

Beatrice and Beulah look so very serious. I can’t help laughing. I suppose I shouldn’t. Shh…don’t tell them.

All of our dollies will eventually make there way over to our online doll gallery, hopefully over the next month or month and a half. Or that’s the plan anyway. I have them in categories by type, if you scroll down on the doll gallery page. I’ll try to add more categories later.

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  1. I love your dolls…the paper composite as well as the cloth and jointed. Treasures.

  2. Thank you so much, Kathleen! We are happy you enjoy them.

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