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Been busy busy

Everyone has just been lining up, waiting to be photographed over here.

But, first there were doll stands that needed to be painted,

supplies that needed to be organized,

and a dresser, in which the dolls are now napping, that needed to be assembled.

What a lot of hardware! I’m glad it was so neatly laid out.

This ratcheting screwdriver with interchangeable bits helped me a lot. It’s a WorkForce 21-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set that originally came from Home Depot some time back. Too bad I didn’t notice the ratcheting feature until I was putting together the last drawer. You don’t have to let go of the handle to keep turning it, which is pretty cool. Like I said before, you never know what handy things you will find in our closets.

More lovely azaleas came into bloom. I ran out to photograph them.

The ducks waddled over, all curious about the whole idea of my photographing azaleas, or maybe they just thought I had snacks.

Nope, sorry ducks, just azaleas.

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