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Still sewing…

I’m still catching up on my sewing…lots to do.

This little kitty doll pinafore has been a mind-bender. I’m adapting it from a Brown House Dolls pattern, changing a bodice into a bib for the top. I made some bias strips, two for each side of the bib, and sewed lace between them, before attaching them to either side of the bib. I tried to get the stripes to match on either side, and tilt downward on either side. It’s been tricky and I’ve been basting each step by hand. The waistband is going to be pieced in two parts, with a front and a back facing so I can insert the bib and the skirt between the two. I’ve got my fingers crossed that that will work!

Today, in addition to being April Fool’s Day, is also my grandma’s 94th birthday. This is her back in 1997 with our kitties. She and my grandpa always came to my birthday. This is them, and me, back in 1971…

We called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday. She didn’t remember how old she was, and boy was she surprised to hear. “No! No, that’s not possible!” She seems to be doing okay, and it is probably just as well to forget how old you are sometimes.

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