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Butterfly bushes and baked goods

I took these photos of Painted Lady Butterflies on our butterfly bush a couple of years ago. The butterfly bushes aren’t in bloom quite yet, but…I finally planted the one I have had sitting in a pot by our chimney for as long as I’ve had these photos. I can’t believe it has survived this long in a pot, and I’m hopeful that it will continue to persevere.

We’ve had an overcast day, which is good for transplanting. Here’s hoping it takes off like the one in these photos. This one is enormous, and the butterflies, moths, and bees visit it all summer long.

I have some more gardening to tend to, that I have been putting off doing. I used to garden with a passion, but the hard clay in the North Carolina soil has put me off a bit. I’d love to get my iris beds divided too.

I’m trying to do the things I have been putting off, one at a time, including making progress on all things doll related.

I also made both banana oat muffins and soft pretzels today. Mm…salty pretzel goodness. I had a craving for soft pretzels while at the mall recently. I almost stopped for one, but I kept thinking, “I could just make those!” So, that became one more thing on my to-do list. It was well worth the effort.

While I was out, I also picked up a copy of Quilting Arts new special issue, Stitch, Creating with Fabric & Thread. The pretty pillow on the cover is “Tuesday Pillow” by Malka Dubrawsky. The instructions are included in the magazine.

What really made me purchase the issue though, were the cute stuffed toys, “Pretty Cat, Baby Bear and Mini-Mouse”, by Heidi Boyd. The patterns are in the foldout in the center of the magazine, and the instructions are in the back. They’d make adorable gifts.

I’ve got my own pile of toys to sew and doll dresses to make. So, I probably won’t be trying these out right away. I’m sure I’m more likely to get some new idea before then, to add to my list of things to do, but I thought perhaps some of you would enjoy making them! Enjoy your weekend!

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