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Raining on my photo parade

I think there just might be a conspiracy against my getting the rest of these doll photos done. It’s crazy how many things have stopped me lately, with all that’s gone on these past few weeks. I’m now even more determined to get them done a.s.a.p. My mom was actually well enough to give me a hand today, helping me set up and holding things steady. So, I ironed everyone’s doll dresses, and set them on their stands.

I gathered up all their friends and accessories, and ironed our photo backdrop too. We set everything up outside, and I got some photos of Emily and Edwin taken. I was just about to go for some group shots, which was my main objective for today, when the wind picked up and started blowing things around.

Then the rain came…ugh. Well, we got everyone back inside and no one got wet. But, by the time the rain stopped, the light had faded too much for our photo shoot. Hopefully the stars will align for us tomorrow, or at least the wind and the rain will wait until we are finished.

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